Wayfinding and decoration
in medical facilities

Medical Design Studio is an innovative project established to support patient treatment processes in various medical facilities, in particular hospitals and children’s wards.

Centrum Zdrowia Dziecka – 12 wind dookoła świata

About us

We design visual identification, communication and decorative elements in medical facilities, using our expertise in interior design and its impact on patients’ health. We also manufacture and assemble.


Medical Design Studio bridges continents and cultures by advancing the art of medical planning and transforming communities to support public health. They design decorations and wayfinding systems for healthcare facilities thoroughly, with much of the effort focusing on hospital design in general spaces and environments for the sick children that supports their healing process.
Professor Alan Dilani

PhD, Architect/Public Health

Wayfinding, or how to find a way

Wayfindingis a spatial navigation system that allows you to efficiently follow the right path, straight to the intended destination.

“You only talk about bad wayfinding, when it is good you do not mention it — you simply use it”

Decorations, or how images affect our health

The recovery process takes time. A hospital stay is a stressful experience for patients, especially the youngest patients. By creating a friendly space, we help them feel good. Our approach is based on research which confirms that attitudes, motivation and relations with environment affect health.

Design that heals, or benefits

We consciously design by using our expertise in how design affects health.

Prizes and awards

Innovation and professionalism
awarded in Poland and abroad

Medical Design Studio has been awarded 1st prize by International Academy for Design and Health in the ”Innovation Project” cathegory for innovative solutions that shape the future and have a positive impact on overall health care settings.

International Academy for Design and Health
"i-Wielkopolska – Innowacyjni dla Wielkopolski"
Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2022



Dabrowskiego Street 300
60-406 Poznan, Poland

Phone: +48 695 984 300

Office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates:
+971 55 899 4143

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