Medical Design Studio is an innovative project created to provide interior design, visual identification and internal communication solutions to healthcare centres. MDStudio was established to combine the complementary interior design elements in an all-in-one offering. It is our response to the needs of hospitals, natural medicine centres, outpatient clinics and other medical facilities that want to create the best working conditions for medical personnel and a comfortable and safe environment for the patients.

Our projects prove that hospitals can create an atmosphere supporting the recovery of clinical patients.
A well-designed interior should be carefully thought of, functional, cosy and patient friendly. It should also address the needs of medical personnel, simplify their work and foster interpersonal relationships. Communication in the hospital should be clear, intuitive and visually attractive. We can completely cater for all these aspects and customise our offering to meet your individual requirements and make sure the facility has a unique appearance and appeal.

In addition, in the design process, we provide consultation services to the managerial staff on how new interiors may be economically arranged and existing interiors upgraded with respect to interior design and communication to adapt them to highest standards in customer service for patients. We prepare analyses of colours and materials, and indicate spots useful for communication and visual identification which should be included in architectural design to ensure their seamless implementation on the roll-out stage.

Our clients save time and use our solutions to invest in the position of their centres on the healthcare market.