CDITO  Tomaszów Mazowiecki

Interior design: EGO-STUDIO Ewa Gawroniak-Olejniczak
Visual design and identification: AR GRAFITI

This is an oncology hospital with radiotherapy and chemotherapy departments. Our ultimate goal was to generate positive emotions and reduce stress to efficiently support treatment.

The idea was to create a home-like atmosphere. We wanted patients to see that all their needs have been catered for and, therefore, ensure them with the feeling of safety.  The interiors are cosy, filled with the colour of natural wood, warm shades of green and orange. Intense colours on the corridors add energy and light colours in rooms enhance tranquillity.

We sought to ensure that the hospital is always full of sunshine — hence, natural landscapes with sunset became the theme to create more space and air.

Carefully selected, beautiful quotations on life and hope are our trademark. We wanted them to become our message to all those who find themselves in this particular place designed by us.