Independent Public Health Care Centre (Szamotuły)

Interior design: EGO-STUDIO Ewa Gawroniak-Olejniczak

Visual identity, branding & wayfinding – design: MEDICAL DESIGN STUDIO – A.R. Grafiti

The presented project assumed the development of conceptual concepts for interior design and visual identification for the hospital.

The interior design assumed modernisation of the ground floor of the building, along with the staircase and entrance hall. The basic assumptions were improving interior design quality, emphasizing the importance of the place, and creating a clear path for the patient. We emphasised the most important
reception spots such as the entrance, the lobby, the staircase, and added a stone cladding on the walls. We made sure that visual communication was consistent and harmonised with interior design.

We provided ergonomic solutions in the reception furniture with the comfort of the staff and quality of
patient service in mind.