Visual identification / communication

Development of a strategy on the principles of internal communication in the healthcare centre based on patient traffic routes.

We conduct in-depth consultations with the staff (audit, interviews) to define the staff and patient traffic routes in as much detail as possible. This is used in the development of centre communication strategy aimed at meeting the needs of patients, staff and visitors.

In our work, we pay great attention to make sure the communication system is:

  • functional,
  • logical,
  • clear,
  • gives the facility a unique appeal,
  • flexible,
  • aesthetic,
  • positive.

Production and installation of complete internal communication system

We provide a proprietary, bespoke design for each facility to match the appeal of the facility and interior functions. We provide a visual colour „code” which is not only practical for the patient and the staff but also attractive. Our offering includes decorative visuals (images, paintings) as well as educational and notice boards.

Preparation of visual identification and decorative elements for the facility.

We not only design internal communication solutions but also produce and install them. We are a direct manufacturer of:

  • outdoor communication (wall-mounted, boards and pylons),
  • notice boards,
  • wayfinding communication,
  • educational boards,
  • decorative elements (photographs, paintings, images, pictograms).