Specialised Stanisław Staszic Hospital in Piła

Renovation of Scheduled Admissions Room
Interior design: C2 Centrum Projektowe Magdalena Wilczyńska
Visual identification, communication — design and production: AR Grafiti

The service we provided for the Specialised Hospital in Piła is an example of hospital interior upgrade and renovation. The building was erected in early 1980s.  Not only is the building nearly 40 years old but also its departments were regularly relocated and new were added, which is very typical of hospitals. In the past, interior design did not attract much attention and nor did the patient’s comfort — hospitals were simply supposed to provide treatment. This, unfortunately, resulted in patient-unfriendly facilities. The renovation of Scheduled Admissions Room in the hospital in Piła proves how much can be achieved with proper interior design. The hall, the waiting room, toilets and the medical surgery have been completely renovated.  The old, unsightly structural pillars have been covered with images pleasing the eye.  The effect achieved in the Scheduled Admissions Room in Piła proves that adapting the old medical facilities to contemporary standards is possible.