About us

We design visual identification, communication and decorative elements in medical facilities, using our expertise in interior design and its impact on patients’ health. We also manufacture and assemble.

Holistic approach

Talking of visual identification, communication and decoration in medical facilities, we always think about the communities that create them. Hospitals, in-patient clinics, rehabilitation centers – all these places were created to improve health of their patients and residents.

We want our work to facilitate the day-to-day activities of all parties involved.
Full service included: from conceptual and design work to the production and assembly of signage and decoration elements.

Medical Design Studio team includes designers, graphic designers, illustrators, as well as project managers. We cooperate with renowned interior design studios. We also consult specialists: psychologists and educators. This is what we call a holistic approach to designing.

We are driven by contagious curiosity about the world, empathy, experiencing life, love for travel and aesthetics. And the belief that the key role of design is to support human well-being. We always value the feedback that we receive from patients/residents and personnel in medical facilities. That is why we constantly talk, listen, travel and look for inspiration to create health promoting interiors.

Our portfolio consists of nearly 50 medical projects. We have received prestigious awards in Poland and abroad for the delivered projects.

We have experience in visual identification and wayfinding projects for hotels, shopping centers and modern office buildings. We have successfully transferred this knowledge to the medical services market by creating a completely new quality of design in healthcare facilities.