Medical Design Studio bridges continents and cultures by advancing the art of medical planning and transforming communities to support public health. They design decorations and wayfinding systems for healthcare facilities thoroughly, with much of the effort focusing on hospital design in general spaces and environments for the sick children that supports their healing process.

Professor Alan Dilani

PhD, Architect/Public Health

I would especially like to emphasize the great commitment and professionalism of the agency’s employees. Thanks to our cooperation, the Gniezno hospital has become more friendly to our patients and our interior design now supports the successful therapies that we provide. Therefore, with full responsibility, we can recommend Medical Design Studio as a trustworthy partner that is worth cooperating with.

The Baptism of Poland Hospital


Within the framework of our cooperation with Medical Design Studio, Wojewódzki Szpital Specjalistyczny in Biała Podlaska has carried out several joint visual identification and interior design projects addressed to our patients.

Based on our cooperation in the implementation of these projects, we rate the company’s service very high and appreciate their experience, punctuality and great commitment.

Wojewódzki Szpital Specjalistyczny

Biała Podlaska

The book of visual identification standards developed by Medical Design Studio allowed us to introduce a modern and attractive signage system in our facility. Our patients appreciated the functionality of the applied solutions, which had a positive impact on the image of the hospital.

Samodzielny Publiczny Zakład Opieki Zdrowotnej w Szamotułach


Medical Design Studio have always provided their services to the hospital in Głogów in an extremely professional and timely manner, and with utmost care. Therefore they have proved to be a reliable business partner certainly worth of our recommendation.

Głogowski Szpital Powiatowy Sp. z o.o.


The Children’s Memorial-Health Institute has been cooperating with the Medical Design Studio company for more than 5 years. The completed projects include the Intensive Care Unit, the Transplantology Ward, “Metro on Foot” covering 8 lines and 20 stations, the “Fairy-tale Elevators” zone covering 11 floors or, recently, the Department of Dentistry — in all these tasks we managed to create unique graphic designs tailored to the needs of a tertiary paediatric hospital.

The result of this cooperation is not only a change in the appearance of the interior of our hospital but also a clear and friendly way of marking. This makes it easier for adults to move around our complex of 29 buildings, and for children it is an additional opportunity to reduce the stress and anxiety associated with staying in the hospital by focusing on the fantastic decorations. We greatly appreciate the speed and quality of the implementation of our new ideas by Medical Design Studio. We hope to continue this cooperation.

Children's Memorial Health Institute

On behalf of the Institute of Mother and Child Foundation, we express our satisfaction with the quality of services provided by Medical Design Studio, which delivered a new interior design for the Volumetric Tomography Laboratory in the Institute. The laboratory is located in a small, cramped room, which got transformed into a joyful and friendly space for our little patients. Based on this completed project, we consider our cooperation with Medical Design Studio very professional. The works were delivered up to standard, on time and received full attention from the contractor’s personnel.

The Institute of Mother and Child Foundation