Wayfinding is a spatial navigation system that allows you to efficiently follow the right path, straight to the intended destination.

You only talk about bad wayfinding, when it is good you do not mention it — you simply use it.


Medical aid requires efficient and uninterrupted services. Wayfinding must be integral: functional, logical and consistent. It consists of:

Everything is designed to enable quick orientation, intuitive navigation around the facility and easy access to any information that is required.

Wayfinding can become a decorative element that gives the facility a sense of uniqueness. For the youngest patients, it will engage them in finding their way, support them while waiting for a visit or examination and encourage to contact a caretaker, personnel member or other patients. 

Patients need a sense of security. Medical personnel needs comfort at work. A well-made wayfinding system allows patients to move freely, independently and efficiently around the facility.