Children's hospitals

„Metro on foot”

The biggest and most important project in 2019 was... the construction of the metro in Warsaw. Or to be more precise: the „Metro on Foot” project developed for the Children’s Memorial Health Institute. Our task was to create a system that would facilitate communication around the Institute comprising almost 20 buildings. The name of the project is an allusion to solutions popular in public transport. Along the hospital’s communication routes we have designated 8 „metro lines” connecting buildings with „stations” in key locations. Each route has a different colour, number and theme, e.g. the blue line no. 1 — water.

At each station, multi-colour images have been designed and installed, related to the line’s theme.

The stations also have thematic names such as Hippo Station or Squirrel Station. The idea of the project is to simplify communication in the hospital as much as possible — just one sentence is required to give virtually any directions e.g. please follow the red line to the Ostrich Station. This project has been implemented with financial support of the Centruś Association, the BGK Foundation and the Charytatywny Bal Dziennikarzy Foundation.

Our role:
  • concept
  • graphic design
  • illustrations
  • implementation
  • production and assembly

The Children’s Memorial Health Institute in Warsaw