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Natural Medicine Recovery Centre in “Kamień Pomorski”

Adjacent to the historical Natural Medicine Hospital „Mieszko”, in 2015 a modern facility was built where recovery treatment is provided. The building has a saltwater pool, jacuzzi and sauna. Rooms for patients and residents as well as hotel rooms are deployed on three levels. The assumption was to produce identification which is not overwhelming. The very subtle and delicate visuals which we designed seamlessly integrate with the elegant interiors of the facility. In the swimming pool area, we adapted the designs to the prevailing graphite tiles and stone finish while in the accommodation part our visuals match the very bright and well-lit spaces.

Our role:
  • concept
  • graphic design
  • implementation
  • production & assembly

Natural Medicine Recovery Centre in “Kamień Pomorski”


Atelier Tektura, Michał i Barbara Kozielewscy